(on 2/19/2024) (today is 2/22/2024)
It might have been the local police here in middletown PA
or hummelstown/hershey PA, but more likely the fbi.
I did a brief workout at the hummelstown/hershey PA Planet Fitness Sunday afternoon
and I couldn't find a phone when I got home,
so I called Planet Fitness and the employee, josh, quickly located it
because I told him which two machines I had worked out on
and because the phone was easily identifiable with a big number "2" painted on the back
because it is my second phone.
They were closing in a few minutes, at 7pm on Sunday night,
so I said thanks and that I'd pick it up in the morning.
In the morning, josh was there at the check-in counter
and he went to the office for the phone, and I waited
and waited and waited and waited and waited.
Then he came back out and said that they gave the phone to someone else,
and that they had just called him up and spoken to him,
that he was a Planet Fitness member and they had his phone number.
josh said that person was at work and that he'd bring it back in the evening
and said I could come back in the evening and get it.
I said I could go to where that person worked and pick it up
but josh said they couldn't give me that information.
I reluctantly said alright and proceeded to do a brief workout.
But, after a few minutes, it came to my mind that it was a shady story.

Anywhere you go, be it a fitness place, supermarket, fast food, discount store, or wherever,
there is ALWAYS a standard procedure to ask the person to describe the object.
What color, what size, what initials, what markings, etc.,
and, in the case of a phone, of course, what is the phone number? and then dial it.
But here, on Monday, they did not, and they just gave my phone so someone else.
Furthermore, if it was just honestly incompetence that day on the part of Planet Fitness
and if the person was legitimately seeking a lost phone,
then he would have recognized immediately that my phone was not his phone.
Once again, my phone has a big, 3-inch-high number "2" painted in white paint on back of the phone.
Also, wouldn't the person also do a quick check, pushing the button and glancing at the screen.
But, very strangely - unbelievably, in fact - ALL of these preventative measures were not in place,
and added to that was the sheer "coincidence" that, in the very brief time my phone was there,
that someone else just happened to leave their phone and to come to retrieve it.
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"How", you might wonder, "did the fbi know I left my phone at Planet Fitness overnight?"
Easy. They were eavesdropping or audio-recording Sunday night when I called Planet Fitness to find out if I'd left my phone there.
In fact, that's further evidence that
(they also stole my family, the way - the Venezuelan migrant family I brought from the streets of Ciudad Juarez to shelter in my home).
They steal my phone, want to examine it all day long with their very highly paid, highly trained tech experts,
hoping for a lucky find of some evidence of criminal behavior
(after all, according to Harvey Silvereglate and Sidney Powell,
we innocent professionals all unknowingly commit, on average, "Three Felonies a Day"),
or at least maybe they might find embarassing or humiliating information,
like maybe that I like to put on polka dot silk underwear with pink elephants at night when I'm feeling frisky (I don't)
It was more likely the fbi than the police, because the fbi (or nsa or whomever)
has the budget, manpower, technological training and technology
to implement 24/7/366 surveillance against good citizens like me throughout the country -
good citizens who, in the deep state's simpleminded stupidity and law-breaking, constitution-violating arrogance,
are considered ... what? a national security threat!????
They just have way, way too much time and money on their hands
and way less brains and way less common sense than ought to be required to be playing with such toys.
Too much time listening to moronic, simple-minded pastors, too.

The fbi has been stalking, surveilling, and harassing me for many decades - 42 years, I'd say.
People ask me why they would harass me, and the best I can figure is that it began 42 years ago in 1982
when I formed a student organization at california state university sacramnto
and wrote, published, and carefully and effectively distributed newsletters for about 7 weeks
criticizing the crazy, over-the-top, hostile, offensive, rude, unprofessional, and uncollegial rhetoric on campus -
offensive rhetoric by the faculty and the students they incited.
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My best "take" on it is as follows.
I shook that sac state university campus profoundly.
Evidence for that is that the president had the dean of students, timmy comstock,
summon me and my student organization's faculty advisor (required for a student organization)
to the ante-chamber of the president's office
where timmy proceeded to browbeat the faculty advisor and attemptted to browbeat me.
I told timmy to knock it off, but cotton, the advisor, was terrorized, and resigned.

Further evidence that my earthquake shook even beyond that campus to politics, and even to national politics,
is that shortly after I off-handedly mentioned the name of Bella Abzug in my weekly newsletters,
a campus flyer announced that Bella Abzug, "one of the most popular and well-liked people in the world" (it said, or to that effect),
was coming to the campus.
So congresswoman Bella from New York, nicknamed "battling bella",
flew from New York or from D.C. to sacramento
because I off-handedly mentioned her as an example of a pushy, obnoxious, rude bully
in the style of a norman mailer, for example,
who behaved that way because she was trying to "act like a man",
not understanding that the true qualities of "manhood" have nothing to do with being an obnoxious, rude bully.
But you don't have to take my opinion that abzug was rude, pushy, and obnoxious.
Former U.S. Reprsentative and New York City Mayor Ed Koch wrote about Abzug in his
autobiography, "Citizen Koch," and I encourage you to find his description of abzug in his book.
According to my memory, he wrote something like "she was the rudest person I ever met."
But bella, herself, is quoted on the bella abzug wikipedia page
writing "I've been described as a tough and noisy woman, a prizefighter, a man-hater, you name it. They call me Battling Bella." 

Further evidence that my earthquake shook sacramento politics is that sacramento mayor anne rudin
harassed and attempted to humiliate me at an elementary school where I was substitute teaching in the late 1980's.

Further evidence that my earthquake shook sacramento and U.S. politics nationally is that
U.S. Senator barbara boxer tried to frame me with bankruptcy fraud

Further evidence that my earthquake shook sacramento media is that The Sacramento Bee newspaper
published a parallel piece by Bill Akers, titled "Times That Try Persons' Souls!"
after I published a weekly Newsletter about the new language and speech control
(remember: I published this in 1982, twenty-one years before Diane Ravitch published "The Language Police" in 2003.
"Doctor of Education" conferred by the esteemed Diane Ravitch via email (2010)
"Doctor Risk" conferred by The Sacramento Bee (2003) (Wikipedia entry regarding HONORIFICS)
More About Education, Teaching, Recommendations, etc.

My Newsletter piece on language control and word censorship
was about the commands and diktats of the instructor who told us that we couldn't say the word "gal" any more.
she was the spouse of the department chair.
she did not give any reasons for the diktat
although I think she said that the order came from her daughter, who attended Stanford,
"not a ratty little school like sac state," she added.

Bill Akers did a humorous satirical piece about Peter Mark Roget, creater of the first Thesaurus, "Roget's Thesaurus".
Roget's shade (ghost or spirit) was wailing in protest
because the new edition of Roget's Thesaurus was being edited by a feminist who was purging all offensive male words.


So, there you have it.
I clearly was impactful in education, politics, and media at the highest levels

The liberals hated me immediately and forever and have continuously
blacklisted me from teaching and ghosted, sanctioned, framed and entrapped me since.

The conservatives took a liking to me for obvious reasons (leading the fight against liberal political correctness)
but I couldn't conform completely to "The Stupid Party".
I mean, I believe in the facts of science, such as evolution, geologic and facts of astronomy and climate change.
I believe in God, but I believe that all religions are mythology
I really belonged in Education, the that's controlled by liberals and they willfully and intentionally "misunderstood" me
and treated me like a stupid conservative, even though I was more advanced than the liberals.
The conservatives just put me in low-level grunt jobs like driving,
so together they sidelines me, threw me under the bus.

So I think the was the harassment by the fbi useful idiots got started is
that the liberals hated me from the getgo in 1982 because I was so impactful in mocking their nonsense.
Here's an example.
Say barbara boxer, U.S.Senator, who CLEARLY tried to frame me with bankruptcy fraud,
took some off-handed remarks from my Newsletters, like, say
"The universities are so bad the whole system needs to be blown up and replaced," or
"I listen to the voice of my conscience" or "a calming voice is telling me that all will be ok in the end."
So then the clever Office Of The U.S. Senate (boxer)
stirs up the fbi with hysteria,
and those useful idiots are standing around looking for a target so they can justify the existince of their jobs.
"he's" another timothy mcveigh" (never met him)
"he's crazy like charles manson" (couldn't stand him, never met him)

The harassment and entrapments have never stopped.
The file or worries and profiling and nonsense grew through the decades
as the imaginary stories were passed on to new generations.

Confirmation Bias took over, so every normal or good behavior of mine surely had to be a devious trick.
I WAS JUST PRETENDING TO BE A GOOD PERSON, the useful idiot were so sure.

I didn't rape and kill in Vietnam.  I rescued a poor woman and her child.

I didn't start our evil war against Russia in Ukraine.
A barbara boxer/bella abzug clone, victoria nuland, did.

I want to stop the war where we're wasting money, killing Ukrainians and Russians, and weakening America.

I want to help migrants, but they stole my Venezuelan family from me, scaring them.

It sounds unbelievable, but it never stops and it's been going on for 42 years,
and it happened as recently as Monday, when the fbi illegally stole my phone, like they stole my Venezuelan family.





David Scully was a 17-year-old boy
in his first year of college in 1968
when U.S. Army personnel massacred
between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians,
including women, children, and infants
in the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam.
Some of the women were gang-raped
and their bodies mutilated, and
soldiers mutilated and raped children
who were as young as 12.

The next year in 1969
the news of that covered-up massacre
became public knowledge.

David Scully was horrified by that
and by the many documented rapes
against Vietnamese women by
U.S. military personnel.

As many as 30,000 mixed blood (Lai Dai Han)
offspring of rape from the Vietnam war
live with with "stigma, shame and prejudice.
They also face acute poverty as of 2020"

Reports of horrific war crimes in Vietnam
by U.S.Army personnel motivated David Scully
to join the nation in protesting the war.

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religions are inventions.

Really, I think I can make this RELIGION column brief. I refer you to the pamphlet or small book, "The Age Of Reason" by Thomas Paine who, as many of us learned in high school, wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense" which is universally agreed to have been fundamentally influential in motivating and encouraging the citizens and leaders of the 13 colonies to unite and fight for Independence. About religion, in "The Age of Reason" he says the things that I've thought on my own, and then some.
The most damaging insinuations
to a person's reputation
is that they are

1. a sex pervert and, especially,
a pedophile.

2. a racist

I'm neither.
I'm a much, much better person
than my detractors.

But for now, here's a link

For Your Enrichment About Me


Tom Sowell says(min 11, sec 27)
"They lie and commit character assassination"

In 1961, just after the 1960 Greensboro, SC
lunch counter sit-ins. David Scully, age 10,
sat at a lunch counter with his black co-worker
every Saturday in South Orange, NJ.

They both worked for the Jewish veterinarian
Dr Samuel Pollock.
He founded the South Orange Animal Hospital
and he saved David Scully's dog after she was
run over by an angry, foolish lutheran pastor.
When the U.S.Navy brought David Scully
to The Philippines in 1975
he met a sad, impoverished Filipina
who was 23 years old
and had a one-year-old boy.

She had had two children as a result of rape
by Filipino men, and the first child
had died as a toddler.

David Scully, mindful of the atrocities
committed by U.S.Army personnel in Vietnam,
where they raped, impregnated, and abandoned
Vietnamese women and their mixed children,
was determined to behave in the
completely opposite manner, so
he married her out of sympathy to help her.

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Age of Consent

"In the United States, as late as the 1880s
most states set the minimum age
at ten to twelve
(in Delaware, it was seven in 1895)"

In 1880
37 states set the age of consent at 10 years
10 states set an age of consent at 12 years
and Delaware had an age of consent of 7 years

"The American colonies followed the English tradition,
and the law was more of a guide.
For example, Mary Hathaway (Virginia, 1689)
was only nine when she was married to William Williams.
Sir Edward Coke "made it clear
that the marriage of girls under 12 was normal,
and the age at which a girl who was a wife
was eligible for a dower from her husband's estate
was 9 even though her husband be only four years old."

 data column 2 
 data column 3 
 data column 4 

from her family's home in Harlem.

She was Ariel Durant
and she married her 28-year-old teacher,
Will Durant.

were awarded the PULITZER PRIZE in 1968

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 data column 3 
 data column 4 
 data column 1 
 data column 2 
 data column 3 
 data column 4 
 data column 1 
 data column 2 
 data column 3 
 data column 4 
 data column 1 
 data column 2 
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 data column 4