Trump said intel agencies were spying on him.
He was right.



Truly Totalitarian
It's Gonna Be Like
Anybody Who Steps Out Of Line
Is Going To Be
Involuntarily Hospitalized With mental illness
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Scroll down Jacob Chansley NEVER called himself that queue anon thing or whatever. the media et al. made it up.
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Ania, Andrei, & Larry Johnson CIA Secrets

Judge Napolitano and Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson CIA Secrets

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"Make Peace, You Fools! America's Proxy War With Russia Has Transformed Ukraine Into A Graveyard."


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b. Newark, New Jersey 1951 Early Years And Childhood EDUCATION Doctor of Education (hon.) conferred by Diane Ravitch 2010 Doctor Risk (hon.) conferred by The Sacramento Bee newspaper 2003 Doctor Scully has 120 units beyond the B.A. with graduate units in Law and Education McGeorge School of Law, 1980 University of The Pacific (Teaching Credentials, 1987) University of California, Davis, B.A. (U.S. and European History, 1979) Sacramento City College, A.A. (Mathematics, Science & Engineering, 1985, Honors) PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS Current Teaching Credentials California and New Mexico with teaching endorsements in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Scroll down INTERNATIONAL, NATIONAL, AND LOCAL ACTIVITIES. Attendee at U.S. Russian International Forums in Washington D.C. (2011-2014) Dr. Scully took the microphone and addressed the entire Forum at the U.S. Senate Hart Building in 2011 and again addressed the entire Forum and a distinguished high-level panel in Moscow (video-conferencing) from the Washington Press Club in D.C. in 2014 On these occasions, Dr. Scully had the honor of conversing personally with dignitaries such as U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Matlock Russian Ambassador to The U.S., Kislyak Edward Lozansky, Russian Dissident and U.S. Citizen who worked with President Ronald Reagan and others at the highest U.S. and Russian levels since then Dr. Gilbert Doctorow, Distinguished International Analyst, currently on substack and a regular expert political analyst on Indian, Russian and other TV programs (Note for the fbi, dod, and other morons: Dr. Scully was never a communist enthusiast nor even a Russophile. In fact, he had such a poor education in the jesuit high school that he really couldn't explain what Capitalism or Communism were. He knew that Russia was our ally in WWII and our competitor in the space race and he just really couldn't see any reason for hating them or fearing them. He was enthusiastic with the changes in Russia in 1985, and when the Berlin Wall was permitted to be disassembled in 1991 and then Germany re-unified. Republican Activist Invited by the Republicans to join them to meet the liberal-press-beleaguered V.P. Candidate Dan Quayle at sacramento airport in 1988, Mr. Scully single-handedly shut down the liberal press's persistent and aggressive attempts to turn the greet into sound bytes of mockery of Quayle, and thus Mr. Scully showed the clueless, hapless, garden-party-golf-course Republicans and Candidate Quayle how to stand up and fight. Bush and Quayle won. Scully's leadership was recognized, and he soon got to meet CA Governors Deukmejian and Wilson, AK Governor Hickel, and AK Senator Stevens. Democratic Mayoral Candidate In 2021 Dr. Scully won the Democratic Primary for Mayor of The Borough of Middletown PA and though not expecting a win in that old, set-in-their-ways Republican town, Candidate Scully was able to enlighten some of the angry and mean-spirited (as well as the happy, friendly and positive) with light-hearted satire and he was very fortunate and honored to meet some impressive PA State Representatives, Democratic and Republican Scroll down Civil Rights Activism In His Youth In 1961-1962, Dr. Scully sat down at a lunch counter with a black co-worker every Saturday and they ordered and ate lunch together. MOST SIGNIFICANT, SEA-CHANGE IMPACT IN MEDIA, CULTURE, EDUCATION, AND POLITICS In 1982, as a graduate student in a new computer science program at california state university sacramento, Mr. Scully established a student organization and wrote, published, and distributed articles on campus for about 7 weeks. He rocked the university, the media, and the politics in sacramento, and it reached the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate. It is quite plain that rush limbaugh was inspired and influenced by what Mr. Scully did, because limbaugh imitated Mr. Scully even to the point of stealing a humorous, satirical line from Mr. Scully's Newsletters when limbaugh signed on each day as "the great el rushbo, behind the golden eib microphone IN THE ATTILA THE HUN CHAIR" Limbaugh was brought to sacramento by kfbk radio, located a short walk from campus, apparently so he could amplify on radio the topics Mr. Scully wrote about. In the following years and decades, other more intelligent and courageous people spoke up on the same topics in culture and especially education. Peter Thiel founded The Stanford Review 5 years later in 1987. Dinesh D'Souza published "Illiberal Education" in 1992. Tammy Bruce published "The New Thought Police" in 2001. Diane Ravitch published "The Language Police" in 2003. And, of course, conservative tv and radio shows FINALLY, sometime in the 20teens followed suit and began to hyperventilate about the takeover of the colleges and universities and ALL of education by the crazy, rude, hostile, self-entitlled "Karens" of the liberal left - topics Dr. Scully had introduced to America, in a civil and friendly, but later satirical, manner. LIFETIME REPERUSSIONS FOR MR. SCULLY FOR HIS TRAILBLAZING NEWSLETTERS Actually, what Mr. Scully did was as old as Free Speech and it is ironic that he had to fight for Free Speech and fight against the suppression of Free Speech against the very baby boomer brats of the berkeley free speech movement of 1964-1965 and "The Village Voice" liberals of NYC's Greenwich Village. Of course, Mr. Scully knew these m brats from the inside because Mr. Scully was a 17-year-old-college-freshman in 1968 and he experienced the hurricanes and tornadoes of hysteria and frenzy and disingenuouos speech during the college and university protests of 1968 and the following years. He listened as the rhetoric of the brats went from hysteria about the horrors of "The System" and "The Establishment" (not to diminish the realities of The My Lai Massacre) to their expressed plan to infiltrate and take over "The Establishment", which is what they have done. MR. SCULLY HAS BEEN SANCTIONED, GHOSTED, BLACKLISTED, HARASSED, ENTRAPPED, FRAMED, AND SUBJECTED TO CHARACTER AND REPUTATION ASSASSINATION SINCE 1982 U.S. SENATOR BARBARA BOXER ATTEMPTED TO FRAME DR. SCULLY WITH BANKRUPTCY FRAUD IN 2005. Scroll down (how they attack my reputation) DOCUMENTED EVENTS WHICH ARE EVIDENCE THAT US SENATOR BARBARA ORDERED AND DEMANDED AN ATTEMPT TO FRAME ME WITH BANKRUPTCY FRAUD IN 2005 These are ACTUAL historical events that actually happened.



see min 37, sec 21

More To Come

For Your Enrichment About Me

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ERIC SCHMIDT, the "grownup" who ran Google for 18 years ($21.1 billion, #34 Forbes)
is shocked at how good the Russians are at electronic warfare,
jamming a 5-mile deep corridor 1,000 kilometers long (621 miles), completely.
In this video Mr. Schmidt joins the small pantheon of truth-tellers (Doctorow, MacGregor, Ritter, Mearscheimer, CIA For Sanity, Scully, Schmidt). Eric talks truth about the battlefield but has his politics wires crossed and needs to align with us other truth gods. One example is min 5, sec 7 where he said Russia's policy is to flatten cities. The opposite is true because Russia has targeted only military and industrial targets (including abandoned school and hospital buildings where Ukrainian military hide). The answer, Mr. Schmidt, is not that it will be a long war, but that we should declare victory and get out NOW and spend our billions making love, not war - like the Peace Corps, but effective and not just a feel-good show.

The DAVID SCULLY PLAN FOR MANAGING BORDER MIGRANTS - A Voluntary kind of Peace Corp/Manhattan Project/Internment I, for one, have an elegant, humane, effective and voluntary solution to the migrant problem, and here it is. Scroll down 1. Create refuges in our vast Southwest prairies and deserts. These would be secure, temporary cities from about 2 to 10 miles square. 2. Provide shelter, food, basic health care, education (including governing and job skills and bilingual skills), and defense training. 3. Equip and return them to their countries after about two years or when safe to do so. (This will increase our national security over the years as generations grow up and live in their countries, remembering gratefully the safe harbor and care we gave them. In other words, we don't have to just be elitists and only help the foreigners going to our colleges. Indeed, that seems to have backfired, as those foreign brats just steal our technologies, hate us anyway, and isolate themselves in their own ghettoes over here. Giving these po' folk some non-woke, non-politically-correct, basic, functional, useful learnin', along with TLC and recovery, is my recommendation. There need be no more miserable waits at the border, suffering from fear, hunger, thirst, from heat and cold, and from physical danger and the painful ups and downs of exuberant expectations and bitter realities. Recently, migrants have already experienced the murder of 40 in Mexican detention and the murder of many rammed by an auto in another Mexican border city. My many conversations on both sides of the border tell me that Mexicans are resentful that migrants skip to the head of the line. My plan would give immediate relief to the migrants, but they would still have to get in line for permanent residency. With our construction, military and electronic espionage/surveillance/tracking technology, it would be a snap, and better than the militarization of the border with Marine vigilantes and militarized State Police. Two days ago, as I distributed bags of ice on Father Rahm Ave in El Paso, I witnessed a car of ruffians cruising the streets there, displaying a Marine flag. Bad. Wrong. My sense of the migrants, as I get to know them better, is that they are young, grateful for kindness and help, informed differently from how we are. They struggle north with both realistic and unrealistic expectations. My plan would protect them from the violence in Mexico border towns and from vigilante attacks and abuse in the U.S. We can easily provide vast buffer spaces around their temporary refuge towns, so they can recover in safety and free from fear.


Right now, I ask numbers 1 through 33 on Forbes 400 List to please help organize and get behind and support my solution. MR. BEZOS, were you not raised by a Hispanic-surname father in West Texas? MR MUSK, why are you playing in the electronic/satellite war with Russia in Ukraine when you're on the side that is wrong, anyway? MR GATES, do you ever help people near our border, or just those far away? I mean, so many of you have pledged to give away or spend your money before you die. Why not spend it on life and friendship, rather than feeding the war machine and those nitwits and haters and ruffians?

So, it's 5pm and 104+ degrees out, so I'm going to head to the border with ice and water. I'll continue this, discussing our police state, group-stalking or deep-state-stalking, and character assassination, and the cancel culture.