I ENDORSE Donald Trump and Mike Pence and I WILL VOTE FOR THE TRUMP/PENCE TICKET. I take this personally because the Democrats and the deep state have attacked me for 40 years. It's what they do. It's their modus operandi, their "m.o."

My Judgement Is That Trump Was COMPLETELY Wrong In his CHEAPSHOT ATTACK on Steve Scully, and what they did to Steve Scully last week, a character-assassination attempt, name-calling him, is just what Dems and Deep State have done to me for 40 years. Also, Link Here To DAVID SCULLY's Main Website Discussing Deep State and More. Especially, See CONTENTS 2018.

The article below by Charles Lipson Outlines The Case For Voting For Trump

Charles Lipson, University of Chicago Charles Lipson is Professor of Political Science (Emeritus) of the University of Chicago, teaching there since 1977. His October 15, 2020 article in RealClearPolitics is titled "The Gordian Knot Protecting Obamagate Secrets." (I don't like such fancy titles and allusions that confuse some readers. For now, suffice it to say that a "Gordian Knot" is hard to untie, and loosening the original "Gordian Knot" had epic consequences. Let me give you a "Cliff's Note" abstract of Professor Lipson's article, with HIS lines - ones that get to the point. As usual, first sentences and paragraphs set the tone and waste no words. Final paragraphs similarly get to the point and summarize well. Here is his first paragraph and one paragraph from the body and sentences from the final paragraph.) SCROLL DOWN
ARTICLE SUMMARIZED (1st and last paragraphs, plus another) "Donald Trump and Republicans are furious that U.S. Attorney John Durham has not brought indictments against senior people who spied on the president's campaign, lied repeatedly to judges in order to do it, and based their intrusions on evidence which they knew to be false -- and (which) had been commissioned (written) by the opposition political party (Trump's enemies, the obama/hillary Dems). We know the broad outlines of this coordinated operation but we still don't know its full extent, or all those involved and what precise roles they played... "After four years, (Republicans) say, we still don't have a full accounting of how the obama administration used the powerful tools of law enforcement and intelligence agencies against a political opponent. We ought to know before the election, but we won't." If the Democrats win and take back the Justice Department, we may never know. Why would a Biden administration ever want to pursue that issue?... "This veil of ignorance, constructed so assiduously by its malefactors (assiduously adj. with great care and perseverance malefactors n. bad-deed doers), goes to the heart of our democratic process. It bears directly on the current election. Yet the biggest questions linger unanswered because Congress and the media failed in their duties. Durham's criminal investigation is necessarily secret [I disagree]... It moves at its own deliberate pace. For voters, that's too slow. [I agree] The alleged crimes are grave, [I agree] those involved were high-ranking officials plus the Democrats' 2016 candidate. [i.e. hillary] The party's 2020 nominee [i.e. biden] ranked second only to barack obama when the crimes were committed. ...result...SERIOUS CRIMES REMAIN HIDDEN FROM VOTERS WHO DESERVE TO KNOW." SCROLL DOWN To A Couple Of Good Excerpts
A COUPLE OF GOOD EXCERPTS "What we have seen so far is a textbook example of bureaucrats covering their tracks, even if it harms the country they were hired to serve... [ bureaucrats = THE DEEP STATE] "The mainstream media has been an embarrassment... The country's leading news organizations had zero interest in uncovering serious violations of constitutional norms governing fair elections and unbiased law enforcement. Instead, they leaped head-first down the "Trump-Russia collusion" rabbit hole. They emerged dirty but unbowed. ONE RESULT IS THAT ABOUT HALF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC NOW BELIEVES THE MEDIA IS A BRANCH OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. ACTUALLY, EVERYONE DOES. BUT ONLY HALF THINK IT'S A BAD THING. [That's why I've always thought it OK for FOX News to be pro-Trump. It's like plaintiff/defendant. They each deserve representation.] SCROLL DOWN
RUN DOWN THROUGH OTHER MAIN POINTS IN THE ARTICLE "Attorney General William Barr Promised major developments in this probe by late spring, then mid-summer, then Labor Day, and now sometime after the election. If, as Republicans say (and the evidence seems to show) there was a systematic effort to weaponize federa law enforcement AND intelligence agencies for political purposes, the public has a compelling right to know. This need-to-know is urgent because the Democrats' presidential nominee, Joe Biden, served as the second-highest ranking member of the administration that conducted these acts.... "Why have Barr and Durham delayed...two ways to view this riddle...practical obstacles... Durham met predictable resistance from the same agencies that had committed the very acts being investigated...CIA head Gina Haspel and FBI head Christopher Wray refused to turn over any documents they weren't forced to... [I have concerns that there might be WAY MORE to this mostly hidden iceberg than ANYBODY is discussing. It might be way worse than anyone imagines, with unexpected culpable people EVERYWHERE, and THAT might be the real reason Durham, himself, may be slow-walking it (that is, if Durham brought highest-level indictments and Dems win, it would all melt anyway and Durham might be their target, literally. Knowing that Durham brought down top fbi agents and the mob in the Whitey Bulgar case makes one shiver at the depth of trouble in this case, if indeed even Durham is afraid. If he slow-walks it and Republicans win, then he can pick up the pace and proceed), but we only have a chance to know if Republicans win and the probe and disclosures continue.] [Another thought is that Durham, Barr and others might have calculatde that devastating indictments against Dems might energize the Dems to fanatical resistance and vote get-out. That's what I thought when Barr talked "baby-talk" and said we wouldn't target obama or biden. Indeed, by my recollection, all the insane, endless street violence, inciting civil war, began when the "bomb-shell Flynn disclosures" were finally uncovered in May, and Barr made that promise not to prosecute. It seems the Democrats were terrified their coup was uncovered and they would be toast, and so they resorted to a summer of civil war - Anything! Whatever it takes!.] "The only breach in this cone of self-serving silence came thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, used by Judicial Watch (BIG SHOUT OUT TO TOM FITTON THERE!) and a few others (like Sidney Powell) to obtain government information hidden from our elected representatives. SCROLL DOWN

More Of A Case For Voting TRUMP/BIDEN


Victor Davis Hanson, A Lot Like Me

Victor and I Both Spent a Lifetime in the Sacramento/Selma CA Valley Hauling Vegetables With Mexican-Americans, Earning Degrees And Being The Thought Leaders Of America

In 1982 at sac state I wrote what inspired kfbk radio to hire Rush Limbaugh to do on the air what I did in writing. In other words, I wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh Program. In the 2000's my satirical blogs were so Influencing that it seems I stopped them all from saying/writing "the very holy city of..." and the very very worn out phrase "for his own personal self-gratification," which show my trend-setting, thought-leading Leadership.
Doctor Gilbert Doctorow "As a public intellectual, I promote and take active part in public debate on causes and solutions to the New Cold War. I am widely published in the USA and Russia, and have a global readership. I am a frequent participant in political talk shows on Russian state and private television channels, for their domestic audience, where I primarily comment on the foreign policy being rolled out by the Trump Administration. In this sense I have developed a unique niche position as specialist on Russia news media." The First biden-trump debate Sep 29, 2020 "If Biden came on strong at the start of the debate and ended as a smirking but wordless mutterer, that tells you he lacks the staying power to put in a full day in the White House and master the challenges that come up daily. Trump may be no smarter, no better read than the day he took the oath of office in 2017 but he is mentally alert and resistant to directives from the bureaucracy. They can, with the assistance of the Congress, outfox him and outmaneuver him, but they cannot tame him. That is Trump's saving virtue and the one fact that so far has prevented the United States from slipping into a one-party police state under the flag of Democracy Promotion values." Pressure and Nerves Of Steel The anti-Russia full tilt ahead policy outlined above is going on against a background of the U.S. presidential electoral campaigns. The Democrats continue to try to depict Donald Trump as “Putin’s puppy,” as if the President has been kindly to his fellow autocrat while in office. Of course, under the dictates of the Democrat-controlled House and with the complicity of the anti-Russian staff in the State Department, in the Pentagon, American policy towards Russia over the entire period of Trump’s presidency has been one of never ending ratcheting up of military, informational, economic and other pressures in the hope that Vladimir Putin or his entourage would crack. Were it not for the nerves of steel of Mr. Putin and his close advisers, the irresponsible pressure policies outlined above could result in aggressive behavior and risk taking by Russia that would make the Cuban missile crisis look like child’s play." LETTER TO A FRIEND IN THE U.S. AS ELECTION DAY APPROACHES I have become a more consistent contrarian and voted by mail for The Donald, much as I detest him. You, like 99% of Americans are surely focused on domestic policies where Donald is Satan incarnate. I, living abroad, am scarcely affected by what the US does with healthcare, abortion, LGBTQ rights and the environment, whereas I am professionally and personally involved in foreign policy up to my neck. And in that one domain, Uncle Joe is an ugly American Imperialist who would never get my vote.

Be Afraid! Be slightly Afraid! Be VERY slightly Afraid!

Be Afraid. Be slightly Afraid. Be VERY slightly Afraid! America’s Long History of Meddling in Russia Russia — OK, not the actual Russian government but a private click-farm company located in Russia — bought $100,000 worth of political ads on Facebook designed to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Except that only a small fraction of those ads were political. Also except that that small fraction was divvied up between pro-Hillary Clinton and pro-Donald Trump ads. And especially except that $100,000 in Facebook ads can’t affect the outcome of a $6.8 billion election. Now the same media outlets who touted Robert Mueller’s fizzled Russiagate investigation daily for three years is warning that Russia is planning to do the same thing in 2020. Be slightly afraid. Very slightly afraid.