"Springtime for Biden and Democrats, Winter for Trump and Americans"

Who are "THE PRODUCERS" of this farce? the Democrats are.

"What We Are Dealing With Here is INDUSTRIAL LEVEL FRAUD (min 1, sec 29)" Jay Valentine, Statistician and Fraud Expert

WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE! I recently (in 2018) drove for a trucking company out of Chicago, DAVID SCULLY'S MAIN WEBSITE AND THEY FALSIFIED MY ELECTRONIC LOGS, ROUTINELY, FROM A DESK IN LITHUANIA. For one particular example, I was on the phone with the woman in Lithuania while I was looking at my electronic log screen, and, as we spoke, I watched my screen chart change from illegal to legal. It happens. It happens routinely. Scroll Down


The truth is obvious to those of us not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Massive vote dumps at 3 a.m. election night, just enough to win. The elusive dominion voting system. The Dems are stealing the election, in a pre-planned, pre-meditated conspiracy.

The Whole World Is Laughing!

The Democrats tried to steal the 2000 election, and were stopped by The Supreme Court. Once again, one score years later, we rely on the courts with Sidney Powell's dominion system exposures, and also to confirm The State Legislatures' rights to select electors. Scroll Down
Success for The American Constitutional System now rests on two hopes, Sidney Powell and The State Legislatures. I believe that Sidney Powell is right on. She has as solid a track record as anyone can have, and she received accolades for her persistence, grit, and correctness in the General Flynn case. Now the question is whether she will succeed in court. Is she proceeding in the right courts in the right way in a timely manner? We, the public, do not know and we're on edge. I do not know why she is not presenting her case out fully in the court of public opinion. It certainly does not mean that she doesn't have a case. Lawyers routinely go mum and save it for the courts. It may be a complicated case to organize for presentation. YouTube The Affadavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs It's only 8 minutes. Listen to it more than once. Referring to this video above (Sidney Powell with Lou Dobbs) Jerry W. Ellis II commented "an audit needs to be done on Smartmatic's software pre-production proofs, production proofs, and account proofs. that will show exactly what happened, from software design to software release. from software administration to software usage. and everything in between." (Enterprise IT Applications & Tools is listed on LinkedIn as his occupation, so he knows the business) This shows that it is do-able, and that there are people out there who knows what needs to be done.

Steal It Back Again!

We do not know what will be the results of Sidney Powell's efforts. By the duck test, by common sense, by mathematical impossibility, we DO KNOW that election fraud was committed by the Democrats. The State Legislatures, at least those in the close states, need to step up and choose the electors as the U.S. Constitution apparently allows them to do. If it goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, Trump and Americans will prevail because the U.S. Supreme Court Justices can see what's happening, as we can, that the Democrats are trying to steal the election, just as the U.S. Supreme Court Justices saw what was happening in 2000, that the Democrats were trying to steal that election. This is what must be done, and this is why we must persistently fight.


by David McCullough (2005), Chapter Seven "Darkest Hour" "I hope this is the dark part of the night, which is generally just before day" - General Nathanael Greene EXCERPTS (p. 247) The retreat of George Washington and his battered little army southward across New Jersey, began the morning of November 21... Washington rode at the rear of the column, a point long remembered by a newly arrived eighteen-year-old Virginia lieutenant named James Monroe. "I saw him...at the head of a small band, or rather in its rear, for he was always near the enemy, and his countenance and manner made an impression on me which I can never efface." By young Monroe's estimate, Washington had at most 3,000 men, yet his expression gave no sign of worry. "A deportment so firm, so dignified, but yet so modest and composed, I have never seen in any other person." (pp. 250 - 251) But of greatest importance, as time would tell, was the impression made on Thomas Paine, the author of "Common Sense," who had recently volunteered to serve as a civilian aide on Greene's staff. Greene...had taken a great liking to the brilliant Paine... "Common Sense," since its appearance early in the year, had become more widely read than anything else yet published in America. Greene called him "Common Sense"... Sick at heart over the suffering and despair he saw, but inspired by the undaunted resolution of many around him, Paine is said to have committed his thoughts to paper during the retreat, writing at night on a drumhead by the light of a campfire. He himself, however, said it was not until later, at Philadelphia, that in a "passion of patriotism," he began what he called "The Crisis" with its immortal opening lines:

These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

(p. 258) Admiral Lord Howe decided to make yet another appeal for conciliation. Signed also by Sir William, the new proclamation was their boldest, most generous gesture thus far, they felt... The proclamation, dated November 30, was an immediate success. It offered all who, within sixty days, would come forth and take an oath of allegiance to the King - and pledge their "peaceable obedience" - a "free and general pardon," and that they would "reap the benefit of his Majesty's paternal goodness, in the preservation of their property, the restoration of their commerce, and the security of their most valuable rights, under the just and most moderate authority of the crown and Parliament of Britain." Hundreds, eventually thousands, in New Jersey flocked to the British camps to declare their loyalty. Considering the way the war was going, and the size and might of the British army, and the pathetic state of Washington's meager band, it seemed the prudent thing to do. As a farmer near Brunswick named John Bray wrote to a kinsman" "You can come down and receive protection and return home without molestation on the part of the King's troops and you best know the situation of the provincial army. Do advise cousin Johnny and Thomas and Cousin Thomas Jones, for if they do stay out to the last, they will undoubtedly fare the worst." p. 260 - 261 "Marauding and pillaging by redcoats and Hessians had gotten out of hand... The British blamed the Hessians. ("The Hessians are more infamous and cruel than any," wrote Ambrose Serle, after hearing reports of British plundering.) The Hessians blamed the British. The Americans blamed both the British and the Hessians, as well as the New Jersey Loyalists... ...The stories, amplified as many may have been, were a searing part of a war that seemed only to grow more brutal and destructive... Loyalists were the most villanous of all, Nathanael Greene reported to his wife Caty. "They lead the relentless foreigners to the houses of their neighbors..." "The enemy's ravages in New jersey exceed all description," Greene would report to Governor Nicholas Cooke of Rhode Island. "Many hundred women ravished." At Newark, according to the report of a congressional committee, three women, one of whom was in her seventies, another pregnant, were "most horribly ravished." Fear and outrage spread across New Jersey and beyond. "Their footsteps are marked with destruction wherever they go." What remained of Washington's army, "the shadow army," as Greene called it, was pitiful to behold. "But give me leave to tell you, Sir," Greene would write to John Adams, "that our difficulties were inconceivable to those who were not eye witnesses to them" p. 270 - 271 Yet for all the troubles that beset him, all the high expectations and illusions that he had seen shattered since the triumph at Boston, Washington had more strength to draw upon than met the eye - in his own inner resources and in the abilities of those still with him and resolved to carry on... Out of adversity he seemed to draw greater energy and determination. "His Excellency George Washington," wrote Greene later, "never appeared to so much advantage as in the hour of distress." P. 273 The first step, the crossing, was set for midnight, December 25, Christmas night. By marching through the night, the two columns were to arrive at Trenton no later than five in the morning. The attack was set for six, an hour before daylight... Christmas Day the weather turned ominous. A Northeast storm was gathering. The river was up, and filled with broken sheets of ice... Congressman and physician Benjamin Rush...As they talked, Washington kept writing something with his pen, on small pieces of paper. When one of them fell to the floor by Rush's foot, he saw what was written: "VICTORY OR DEATH." it was to be the password for the night. p. 275 - 281 Washington crossed early and watched the slow progress from the New Jersey side. About eleven o'clock, the storm struck, a full-blown northeaster... vivid firsthand accounts of the night... sixteen-year-old John Greenwood... "began to pull down fences and make fires to warm ourselves, for the storm was increasing rapidly. After a while it rained, hailed, snowed, and froze, and at the same time blew a perfect hurricane, so much so that I perfectly recollect, after putting the rails on to burn, the wind and fire would cut them in two in a moment, and when I turned my face to the fire, my back would be freezing. However, by turning myself round and round I kept myself from perishing." As during the escape from Brooklyn, Washington's other daring river-crossing by night, a northeaster was again, decisively, a blessing and a curse - a blessing in that it covered the noise of the crossing, a curse in that, with the ice on the river, it was badly slowing progress when time was of the essence... it was three o'clock, three hours behind schedule, before the last of the troops, horses, and cannon were across. At that point the attack might have been called off... It was a decision that could not be delayed and involved great risk either way. Washington decided without hesitation... Downstream, as he had no way of knowing, the other part of his plan was failing badly. General Ewing had called off his attack on Trenton because of ice in the river... At Bristol, Cadwalader and Reed...they, too, had called off the attack. "It was as severe a night as I ever saw," wrote an officer with Cadwalader, "and after two battalions were landed, the storm increased so much that it was impossible to get the artillery over, for we had to walk one hundred yards on the ice to get on shore... Thus, of the three planned attacks on the enemy, only one was moving forward and it perilously behind schedule. The march south from McKonkey's Ferry was for many the most harrowing part of the night. The storm grew worse, with cold driving rain, sleet, snow, and violent hail. The troops, as Henry Know wrote, pushed on "with the most profound silence"... John Greenwood remembered moving no faster than a child could walk, stopping frequently, and suffering terribly from the cold. "I recollect very well that at one time, when we halted on the road, I sat down on a stump of a tree and was so be-numbed with cold that I wanted to go to sleep. Had I been passed unnoticed, I should have frozen to death without knowing it." In fact, in the course of the night two of the men did freeze to death... When handed a message from General Sullivan saying that the men had found their guns too soaked to fire, Washington answered, "Tell the general to use the bayonet"... John Greenwood wrote..."It was enough for them to know that wherever the officers commanded they must go... for it was all the same owing to the impossibility of being in a worse condition than their present one, and therefore the men always liked to be kept moving in expectation of bettering themselves." The two columns reached their assigned positions outside Trenton at about the same time, a few minutes before eight, an hour after daylight. Trenton was often referred to as a pretty village, which was an exaggeration. With perhaps a hundred houses... 1,500 Hessions occupied the town. Their commander, Colon Rall... It was the size of the attack to come, and in such weather, that Rall did not anticipate, and in this he was not alone... The attack began just after eight o'clock... They were moving fast, at what was called a "long trot"... "The storm continued with great violence," Henry Knox wrote, but was in our backs, and consequently in the faces of the enemy"... His 2,400 Americans, having been on their feet all night, wet, cold, their weapons soaked, went into the fight as if everything depended on them. Each man "seemed to vie with the other in pressing forward," Washington wrote. In town the Hessians came rushing out of their houses and barracks into the streets. Drums beat, the band played, officers shouted orders in German, and as fast as the Hessians began forming up, Knox's artillery were in position at the head of King and Queen streets. The cannon opened fire with deadly effect down hundreds of yards on each street, and in minutes - "in the twinkling of an eye," Knox said - cleared the streets. When the Hessians retreated into the side streets, they found Sullivan's men coming at them with fixed bayonets. For a brief time, a thousand or more Americans and Hessians were locked in a savage house-to-house fighting. It was all happening extremely fast, in wild confusion and swirling snow made more blinding by clouds of gunpowder smoke. "The storm of nature and the storm of the town," wrote Nathanael Greene,"exhibited a scene that filled the mind during the action with passions easier conceived than described." When the Hessians rolled out a field gun midway on King Street, a half dozen Virginians led by Captain William Washington (a distant cousin of the commander) and Lieutenant James Monroe rushed forward, seized it, and turned it on them... Colonel Rall...hit and fell from his horse. Mortally wounded... It had all happened in forty-five minutes or less. Twenty-one Hessians had been killed, 90 wounded. The prisoners taken numbered approximately 900. Another 500 had managed to escape... Incredibly, in a battle of such extreme savagery, only four Americans had been wounded, including Captain Washington and Lieutenant Monroe, and not one American had been killed. The only American fatalities were the two soldiers who had frozen to death during the night on the road.


I recently worked as an over-the-road truck driver, driving 48 states. All companies and trucks are now supposed to be on "electronic logs." Electronic logs know automatically when the truck is moving or not, and where it is. This was FINALLY put into effect and its purpose is safety. It is designed to stop the ENDLESS, UBIQUITOUS (everywhere) falsification of logs that drivers have always done, often at the direction of their companies. Purpose of this paragraph: to establish that I know what I'm talking about. Paragraph 2. The company I drove for managed our logs from Lithuania. The company was based in Chicago. That's where I went to orientation and that's where management and dispatch were. The woman in Lithuania would change my logs when they didn't conform to DOT Regulations, U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations. This happens often. Frequently it is when a driver takes a long break at a truck stop or rest area and forgets to hit the "off duty" icon on the computer. Sometimes the driver will go to sleep for required daily 10-hour rest and forget to hit the "off duty" icon. This would mess up his DOT logs completely and he/she wouldn't be able to legally drive until it was fixed. And sometimes the driver just drove more hours than he/she was legally allowed to do. This could be for a few reasons, most often it was to get the load delivered "on time." It seems that the delivery times were all set by computer after the computer calculated the minimum number of hours it would take to drive to the delivery point, and they would just barely allot the driver enough time to get there on time, on every load, load after load after load. The pressure on drivers is UNREAL! Other times it was because the driver wanted to drive more miles and hence make more money. Other times it would be because the driver wanted to take a break somewhere, whether it be at home, or a special spot with good wifi, or a Wal Mart or Home Depot or Best Buy where he/she could catch up on shopping or arrange computer repair, for example. In others he/she would hurry and drive hard so he could take several hours off somewhere. One time I was talking on the phone to the woman in Lithuania and, AS I WAS SPEAKING TO HER I WAS LOOKING AT MY ELECTRONIC LOG SCREEN AND IT CHANGED, AS WE SPOKE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES, FROM AN ILLEGAL LOG TO A LEGAL ONE! The lines on the log graph changed right before my eyes, from Lithuania! So, now you know from my testimony that electronic manipulation from overseas is possible, and common. These logs are legal documents under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Government. SO MANIPULATION OF ELECTION RESULTS REALTIME, OVERNIGHT, OVERSEAS? IS IT FEASIBLE?


embed "The Voice of Reason: Dr. Victor Davis Hanson" on The Trevor Carey show These are Times That Try Men's Souls Now is the Time Ask not what your country can do for you 1776 wASHINGTON do not give up faith or pressure. the media blackouts and encouragement to concede can be dispiriting and result in a rout. The efforts to get the guns from Fort Ticonderoga
To the state legislatures AND the dominion voting system investigation To The Supreme Court
Why? What's the danger? Victor Davis Hanson has been warning us for a while.

I ENDORSE Donald Trump and Mike Pence and I WILL VOTE FOR THE TRUMP/PENCE TICKET. I take this personally because the Democrats and the deep state have attacked me for 40 years. It's what they do. It's their modus operandi, their "m.o."

My Judgement Is That Trump Was COMPLETELY Wrong In his CHEAPSHOT ATTACK on Steve Scully, and what they did to Steve Scully last week, a character-assassination attempt, name-calling him, is just what Dems and Deep State have done to me for 40 years. Also, Link Here To DAVID SCULLY's Main Website Discussing Deep State and More. Especially, See CONTENTS 2018.

The article below by Charles Lipson Outlines The Case For Voting For Trump

Charles Lipson, University of Chicago Charles Lipson is Professor of Political Science (Emeritus) of the University of Chicago, teaching there since 1977. His October 15, 2020 article in RealClearPolitics is titled "The Gordian Knot Protecting Obamagate Secrets." (I don't like such fancy titles and allusions that confuse some readers. For now, suffice it to say that a "Gordian Knot" is hard to untie, and loosening the original "Gordian Knot" had epic consequences. Let me give you a "Cliff's Note" abstract of Professor Lipson's article, with HIS lines - ones that get to the point. As usual, first sentences and paragraphs set the tone and waste no words. Final paragraphs similarly get to the point and summarize well. Here is his first paragraph and one paragraph from the body and sentences from the final paragraph.) SCROLL DOWN
ARTICLE SUMMARIZED (1st and last paragraphs, plus another) "Donald Trump and Republicans are furious that U.S. Attorney John Durham has not brought indictments against senior people who spied on the president's campaign, lied repeatedly to judges in order to do it, and based their intrusions on evidence which they knew to be false -- and (which) had been commissioned (written) by the opposition political party (Trump's enemies, the obama/hillary Dems). We know the broad outlines of this coordinated operation but we still don't know its full extent, or all those involved and what precise roles they played... "After four years, (Republicans) say, we still don't have a full accounting of how the obama administration used the powerful tools of law enforcement and intelligence agencies against a political opponent. We ought to know before the election, but we won't." If the Democrats win and take back the Justice Department, we may never know. Why would a Biden administration ever want to pursue that issue?... "This veil of ignorance, constructed so assiduously by its malefactors (assiduously adj. with great care and perseverance malefactors n. bad-deed doers), goes to the heart of our democratic process. It bears directly on the current election. Yet the biggest questions linger unanswered because Congress and the media failed in their duties. Durham's criminal investigation is necessarily secret [I disagree]... It moves at its own deliberate pace. For voters, that's too slow. [I agree] The alleged crimes are grave, [I agree] those involved were high-ranking officials plus the Democrats' 2016 candidate. [i.e. hillary] The party's 2020 nominee [i.e. biden] ranked second only to barack obama when the crimes were committed. ...result...SERIOUS CRIMES REMAIN HIDDEN FROM VOTERS WHO DESERVE TO KNOW." SCROLL DOWN To A Couple Of Good Excerpts
A COUPLE OF GOOD EXCERPTS "What we have seen so far is a textbook example of bureaucrats covering their tracks, even if it harms the country they were hired to serve... [ bureaucrats = THE DEEP STATE] "The mainstream media has been an embarrassment... The country's leading news organizations had zero interest in uncovering serious violations of constitutional norms governing fair elections and unbiased law enforcement. Instead, they leaped head-first down the "Trump-Russia collusion" rabbit hole. They emerged dirty but unbowed. ONE RESULT IS THAT ABOUT HALF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC NOW BELIEVES THE MEDIA IS A BRANCH OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. ACTUALLY, EVERYONE DOES. BUT ONLY HALF THINK IT'S A BAD THING. [That's why I've always thought it OK for FOX News to be pro-Trump. It's like plaintiff/defendant. They each deserve representation.] SCROLL DOWN
RUN DOWN THROUGH OTHER MAIN POINTS IN THE ARTICLE "Attorney General William Barr Promised major developments in this probe by late spring, then mid-summer, then Labor Day, and now sometime after the election. If, as Republicans say (and the evidence seems to show) there was a systematic effort to weaponize federa law enforcement AND intelligence agencies for political purposes, the public has a compelling right to know. This need-to-know is urgent because the Democrats' presidential nominee, Joe Biden, served as the second-highest ranking member of the administration that conducted these acts.... "Why have Barr and Durham delayed...two ways to view this riddle...practical obstacles... Durham met predictable resistance from the same agencies that had committed the very acts being investigated...CIA head Gina Haspel and FBI head Christopher Wray refused to turn over any documents they weren't forced to... [I have concerns that there might be WAY MORE to this mostly hidden iceberg than ANYBODY is discussing. It might be way worse than anyone imagines, with unexpected culpable people EVERYWHERE, and THAT might be the real reason Durham, himself, may be slow-walking it (that is, if Durham brought highest-level indictments and Dems win, it would all melt anyway and Durham might be their target, literally. Knowing that Durham brought down top fbi agents and the mob in the Whitey Bulgar case makes one shiver at the depth of trouble in this case, if indeed even Durham is afraid. If he slow-walks it and Republicans win, then he can pick up the pace and proceed), but we only have a chance to know if Republicans win and the probe and disclosures continue.] [Another thought is that Durham, Barr and others might have calculatde that devastating indictments against Dems might energize the Dems to fanatical resistance and vote get-out. That's what I thought when Barr talked "baby-talk" and said we wouldn't target obama or biden. Indeed, by my recollection, all the insane, endless street violence, inciting civil war, began when the "bomb-shell Flynn disclosures" were finally uncovered in May, and Barr made that promise not to prosecute. It seems the Democrats were terrified their coup was uncovered and they would be toast, and so they resorted to a summer of civil war - Anything! Whatever it takes!.] "The only breach in this cone of self-serving silence came thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, used by Judicial Watch (BIG SHOUT OUT TO TOM FITTON THERE!) and a few others (like Sidney Powell) to obtain government information hidden from our elected representatives. SCROLL DOWN

More Of A Case For Voting TRUMP/BIDEN


Victor Davis Hanson, A Lot Like Me

Victor and I Both Spent a Lifetime in the Sacramento/Selma CA Valley Hauling Vegetables With Mexican-Americans, Earning Degrees And Being The Thought Leaders Of America

In 1982 at sac state I wrote what inspired kfbk radio to hire Rush Limbaugh to do on the air what I did in writing. In other words, I wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh Program. In the 2000's my satirical blogs were so Influencing that it seems I stopped them all from saying/writing "the very holy city of..." and the very very worn out phrase "for his own personal self-gratification," which show my trend-setting, thought-leading Leadership.
Doctor Gilbert Doctorow "As a public intellectual, I promote and take active part in public debate on causes and solutions to the New Cold War. I am widely published in the USA and Russia, and have a global readership. I am a frequent participant in political talk shows on Russian state and private television channels, for their domestic audience, where I primarily comment on the foreign policy being rolled out by the Trump Administration. In this sense I have developed a unique niche position as specialist on Russia news media." The First biden-trump debate Sep 29, 2020 "If Biden came on strong at the start of the debate and ended as a smirking but wordless mutterer, that tells you he lacks the staying power to put in a full day in the White House and master the challenges that come up daily. Trump may be no smarter, no better read than the day he took the oath of office in 2017 but he is mentally alert and resistant to directives from the bureaucracy. They can, with the assistance of the Congress, outfox him and outmaneuver him, but they cannot tame him. That is Trump's saving virtue and the one fact that so far has prevented the United States from slipping into a one-party police state under the flag of Democracy Promotion values." Pressure and Nerves Of Steel The anti-Russia full tilt ahead policy outlined above is going on against a background of the U.S. presidential electoral campaigns. The Democrats continue to try to depict Donald Trump as “Putin’s puppy,” as if the President has been kindly to his fellow autocrat while in office. Of course, under the dictates of the Democrat-controlled House and with the complicity of the anti-Russian staff in the State Department, in the Pentagon, American policy towards Russia over the entire period of Trump’s presidency has been one of never ending ratcheting up of military, informational, economic and other pressures in the hope that Vladimir Putin or his entourage would crack. Were it not for the nerves of steel of Mr. Putin and his close advisers, the irresponsible pressure policies outlined above could result in aggressive behavior and risk taking by Russia that would make the Cuban missile crisis look like child’s play." LETTER TO A FRIEND IN THE U.S. AS ELECTION DAY APPROACHES I have become a more consistent contrarian and voted by mail for The Donald, much as I detest him. You, like 99% of Americans are surely focused on domestic policies where Donald is Satan incarnate. I, living abroad, am scarcely affected by what the US does with healthcare, abortion, LGBTQ rights and the environment, whereas I am professionally and personally involved in foreign policy up to my neck. And in that one domain, Uncle Joe is an ugly American Imperialist who would never get my vote.

Be Afraid! Be slightly Afraid! Be VERY slightly Afraid!

Be Afraid. Be slightly Afraid. Be VERY slightly Afraid! America’s Long History of Meddling in Russia Russia — OK, not the actual Russian government but a private click-farm company located in Russia — bought $100,000 worth of political ads on Facebook designed to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Except that only a small fraction of those ads were political. Also except that that small fraction was divvied up between pro-Hillary Clinton and pro-Donald Trump ads. And especially except that $100,000 in Facebook ads can’t affect the outcome of a $6.8 billion election. Now the same media outlets who touted Robert Mueller’s fizzled Russiagate investigation daily for three years is warning that Russia is planning to do the same thing in 2020. Be slightly afraid. Very slightly afraid.