Law School McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, CA Graduate School University of The Pacific, Stockton, CA (Teaching Credentials with 3 endorsements - Math, Physical Science, Social Studies) B.A. University of California, Davis, CA High School St Peter's Prep, Jersey City, NJ Veteran (USS Enterprise Engineering Department Man-of-the-Month, from 600 servicemen) Teacher, Programmer, Real Property Appraiser, Property Revitalization/Management, OTR Driver, Volunteer Fire Fighter I have current Teaching Credentials in New Mexico and California, clear and valid, with no actions taken

Thank You, Middletown, for This Election Victory!

I am honored to be on the ballot as the Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Middletown for the Municipal Election on November 2, 2021. Please VOTE "DAVID SCULLY" for MAYOR

Now, we must stop the bully boy cronies in November. Women Conquer the bully boy cronies In The Primary

"The Piano Man"

"kiss my grits bar town." Let's evolve instead.

"We Can Be Better Than This"

Agenda as Mayor Service Dems And Reps Work Experiences Mending Fences Biography

Response To Trash Attacks

My Agenda as MAYOR I don't come to office with a specific agenda, other than fulfilling the role with professionalism and dignity. I think that was a strength of former Mayor Reid. As a teacher, he raised a generation of Middletowners, and he represented everyone. I am really not part of the various angry, quarrelsome factions you find among the small group of political junkies in this town, and I'm not on anybody's side in particular. I'm going to do what I can to lift everyone up. The mayor does have some legal authority over the police, and there my agenda is to conduct diligent and thoughtful oversight, helping them to be their best and to come home safe every night to the people they love. Generally, I have pro-police, pro-civil-order inclinations. On Hazelwood Ave in Newark NJ, where I lived birth through 5th grade, a big, strong Italian motorcycle cop lived on the corner a few houses away, and across the street from him was John Murphy, a big kid in my brother's class, who became a policeman. And, in the Spring of 5th grade I had a great experience being on The Little League and our two managers were guess what? Newark policeman. That they took out time in their lives to perform that unpaid service for us youth, that appreciation never left me. My mother's cousin's brother was a Jersey City cop. I remember he took his son and my cousin and me on a police-sponsored trip to see a New York Yankee's game. Those memories never leave you. In fact, they become more meaningful as you mature. Scroll Down To Top

Service AGGRESSION HOSTILITY AMBITION So, there's plenty of aggression, hostility and ambition to be found in politics. We must remember that THE PEOPLE EXPECT US TO SERVE THEM, to serve THEIR needs. They don't care about our ambitions and our knife-wielding intrigues. Whether a Republican with a mentality of order or a Democrat with a heart of compassion, We are elected to SERVE THE COMMUNITY 1. Some people work, and come home to family. 2. Some people Dance. 3. Some people Sing. 4. Some people go to church a lot. 5. And some people join political groups and express rage and anger all the time. These middletown political junkies comprise less than 1% of the population (maybe 0.2%) I am respectfully seeking the votes of the first four, above. For those of you political junkies in group 5, who could have run but didn't, that would have been more honorable than attacking, slandering, and trying to entrap me now. It's a test of character, you see. I did it the right way. You're doing it the wrong way. Scroll Down To Top

Democrats And Republicans So, Democrats see that I say "I wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh program", and they get outraged. It doesn't mean that I supported the mean-spirited blowhard. It means that he imitated me. That's what happened. And what I did was in the best liberal tradition. I stood up for Free Speech, in 1982, just a decade and a half after the liberals' Free Speech Movement at Berkeley. A decade and a half later, liberals were the ones quashing free speech, with political correctness. And Republicans? Well, they brook no dissent, and lack the professionalism to acknowledge others' contributions. It's all about them at the top. Elitist and hierarchical, they expect obedience and conformity. Like a military organization, they expect few at the top, and many at the bottom, obeying. They conveniently overlook the fact that I wrote the script that limbaugh followed, and that limbaugh was the leader of Republicans for two decades or more. In fact, Republicans, I am your leader. So, trying to please Democrats or Republicans is futile. Instead, I hope to please the people, and serve THEM. Scroll Down To Top

Work Experiences In 1982 I wrote the script for the Rush Limbaugh program when I established a student publication at sac state and wrote Newsletters for 7 weeks or so. Teaching and Truck Driving have been the usual employment for decades Besides 4 years assigned to the USS Enterprise (job title Engineman) a few other things I've done, which might be of interest, are Joined the Volunteer Fire Department in Knights Landing, CA Worked a summer on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch brokerage Worked a summer at AVCO Embassy Pictures in Midtown Manhattan on 6th Ave (there, I had the interesting honor of delivering a film to Sophia Loren at her 5th Ave hotel room) And, of course, youth jobs such as selling newspapers on the corner of Sanford Ave and South Orange Ave, Newark Brief Biography To Top

Brief Biography Education Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School; Vailsburg Section, Newark NJ St Peters Prep; Jersey City, NJ Courses at 5 colleges, then B.A. UC Davis, CA McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento CA Teaching Credentials from University of The Pacific, Stockton CA Various courses continuing education through the years Sporty Things Ran a Marathon Biked a 100-Mile Bike Race Skydived about a dozen or 20 times Climbed Half Dome at Yosemite twice Learned to ski on Mount Alyeska, Girdwood AK Learned to sing and dance at The Last Frontier Bar, Anchorage AK (2-step, waltz, merengue, kinda rusty been a while) Military US Navy, USS Enterprise Engineering Dept, 4 years (9 months living in Philippines) Army Reserves, Army National Guard, Alaska Air National Guard (Engineering Aide) Single One wonderful daughter and son-in-law, 2 beautiful granddaughters Scroll Down To Top

Women Completely Dominated The Primaries in Middletown and Harrisburg! Phyllis Dew dominated the Democratic race for Middletown Council winning 347 votes, a whopping 39.48% of votes cast. Jenny Miller dominated the Republican race for Middletown Council winning 494 votes, a commanding 32.33% of votes cast. And, in Harrisburg, Wanda Williams defeated current mayor Eric Papenfuse, so we have a lame duck mayor on his way out. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE! and I'm glad to see the bully boy cronies dominated and defeated by these capable women! Scroll Down To Top